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After a hiatus, we start off the 2nd season where we have the Lion-O/ Tygra/ Cheetara triangle that comes out of the heels of Between Brothers, along with Lion-O's use of the stone. I agree as I hope this doesn't drag throughout the season when we have the epic battle against Mumm-Ra looming. I feel that Tygra and Cheetara's relationship is getting in the way of Lion-O's concentration in battle.

Lion-O is taking the first steps of his true goal of uniting the animals such as getting the lizards to abandon Mumm-Ra and having the Berbils build a new Thundertank. With Grune out of the picture, he's replaced by new generals Addicus and Kaynar who made an impressive showing as villains.

Not only do we have the new Thundertank, we also have hoverboards being used by Wilykit and Wilykat. The hoverboard sequence is impressive and it felt like a ride through the ravine. I'd say the 2nd season is off to a good start with a great episode.

I like Panthro's new cybernetic arms, but I hated the idea that it stretches thus detracting from the
usefulness of the other Thundercats. Since Panthro could feel his real arms, this would be an indication that Grune is not dead than we thought.

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