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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
I am not going to talk about the trinagle.

But I give this one a 9 out of 10.

The generals were awesome and I can't believe the crew was ok with them killing the birds and dogs for a kid show.

Panthro stoled the show. I like the moblile command center.

Kit and Kat were cute.

I love when he could smell tygra and hit him in the face. You notice tha the first thing lion-o has to learn in the trails is sense of smell. I wonder if they are going to fight.

Cheetara couldn't answer why she did the things she did to lion-o. He busted her if that was her job too. Loved when he said this changes everything. I really believe that lion-o felt betrayal from cheetara,, not tygra. Lion-o had no issues with tygra only cheetara.

The straw that broke the camel's back is when cheetara gave up and said she has to stick with him after she told lion-o to stick together. This almost cost lion-o's life, but it will in the next episode.

Panthro part had me laughing. The person I am with said cheetara is the betrayal not tygra.

I guess cheetara is not lion-o's cleric anymore. Looks like she would save tygra before lion-o.
I'm glad that Lion-o put the blame for this mess on Cheetara and not Tygra. This is ALL her doing. And now she is showing het true colors more and more, by surrendering, and dooming then to what would've been certain death if not for Panthro.

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