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Great episode. Addicus and Kaynar were much better than I was expecting. Most especially Addicus and his voice. Them being two psychotic killers was interesting. Kaynar's trip to solitary made me think of Hannibal Lecter (different kind of crazy, but similar mode of transportation). I loved the bit where Slithe called them a Monkian and a Jackalman.

Lion-O's jealousy was both interesting to see, and just a bit annoying. I just wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to get over it. It's clear that Tygra and Cheetara are meant to be together, and that all of the "signals" Lion-O thought she was throwing his way were her just trying to show him some support.

I loved seeing the Berbils in this one, and what all they've been up to. I'm not entirely sure what I think of the extending ability of Panthro's new arms yet. I do love the upgrade they made to the Thundertank, but at the same time I hope it's not a permanent addition to it. I'd like to think that the tank will be able to separate from the addition, which might be too big for certain situations. The kittens gaining their space boards was great to see. Now the whole team can travel separately if need be.

I'm already looking forward to next week's episode. Should be interesting to see how the new show's trials compare to the original's. Would be great if they worked in the crown. Especially if it had the same design.

Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
Not necessarily. People in real life who loose a limb also sometimes still "feel" their lost arm or leg.
If I'm not mistaken, the crew have already confirmed that Grune is still alive. They also confirmed that the Astral Plane wasn't destroyed, just that entrance to it.
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