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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
And you think after they killed Tygra and had Kaynar free to help out that Cheetara and Lion-O could've beat the three them alone? I think not.

Lion-O needs to get his jealous head out of his butt and not sacrifice a teammate.

If Cheetara hadn't done what she did they'd be one team member short right now. Panthro saved them. Of course he did. And he would've STILL been there to save them if Lion-O would have surrendered to save Tygra.

And not only that, but after continuing to fight, if Tygra had died the whole team could've fallen apart, because who wants to back up a leader who's willing to let them die when they don't have to die?
Problem is they didn't know Panthro was coming. If you take him out of the equation they still had a fighting chance at 2 on 3. With the Sword of Omens a damn good chance. If roles were reversed Tygra would have reacted the same way.

Cheetara = Lori (Walking Dead)
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