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Just got done watching the episode for a second time, and remembered a couple of things I was going to mention, but had forgot to.

I love that we finally see Slithe fighting the cats. While it's cool to see him commanding his army, it's nice to see him going into battle. Most especially now that the mutant trio is together again.

While it's obvious that some are upset over this, I personally think Cheetara made the right decision by standing down. She didn't sacrifice or screw anybody over, she did what I'm sure Jaga would have done in the same situation. Though it was pure luck that Panthro showed up when he did.

I'm looking forward to the eventual inclusion of the Monkian and Jackalman forces. Should be interesting to see how Addicus and Kaynar perform as Generals, and how they and Slithe get along as time passes.

Edit: Not to be an annoyance, but are there plans to post some HD screen caps? After seeing ep.14, I've got the hankering to make a new wallpaper...and maybe a new sig, lol...

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