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The thing is, Cartoon Network straight out said that they were just delaying DC Nation. My guess is that they wanted to have more than just two shows and little shorts, and Beware the Batman wasn't coming soon enough. Or, a conspiracy theory can arise here. As most of us should know by now, Walt Disney purchased LucasFilm. Now, while they've stated that they'll honor old contracts until they're up, Clone Wars has been renewing their contract with CN with each season. No matter how many seasons come next, this pretty much means that Season 5 will be the last season to air on Cartoon Network before moving over to Disney XD. This means Cartoon Network will be losing their most popular action show come next season. Now, if Cartoon Network had heard of the impending buy-out of LucasFilm, they could've moved DC Nation to try and prep for this. That's my hope, anyways. I haven't seen any of the shows, but I hear good things about DC Nation.
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