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Soon, the episode discussion thread for episode 26 will go up. The episode may be the season finale or the series finale. Either way, it's going to be a long time before we'll get another chance to discuss anything new as far as the Thundercats show is concerned. In light of that I would like to propose something.

As each new episode discussion thread is put up, anyone reading through them is subjected to a brace of unnecessarily-needed arguments. From ad hominem attacks on people, whether they have posted in the thread or even if they likely have never heard of this forum, to comparisons to something not at all relative to the episode that the thread is for or even relative to the series for that matter.

It would be nice if we could all check that baggage when we click on that thread, regardless of which "camp" we're in (yeah, this sometimes happens even when people don't recognize they're in a camp or even if they genuinely aren't in a camp).

Why don't we all try that for one thread? Also, if someone else does it, just leave it there to disappear like an iguana in Antarctica.

Am I asking people not to disagree or argue over certain opinions or points? Hell no. There wouldn't be a discussion if that wasn't happening to a certain degree. I'm just asking that for one of these discussions, we all get up out of entrenched positions and throw our ideas at each other with fair and open minds. When someone comes in and inevitably kicks it up a notch, we try our best to just let it drop back down. Don't call someone on it if they push things, just make a reasonable discussion.

I know this is something that everyone who has been participating in the discussion threads is capable of doing. They may not have been doing it as of late, but since I've started posting on the boards, I've seen every S/N that now appears in the discussion threads go through at least one entire episode discussion thread and participated in the discussions in this manner.

That's all that I feel needs to be said on the matter (maybe it was even too much, actually I'm almost certain it was), so I leave the rest up to the participants.
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