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Originally Posted by Chique View Post
The movie got some good numbers, but it was a slow seller. As far as reviews and word of mouth goes, the movie was pretty darn good. DC Doesn’t Want to Animate Super-Heroines ยป DVDs Worth Watching
I don't see why small children wouldnt find Lion-O cool. He jumps around with a power sword that shoots beams. I remember my little brother used to pretend he could shoot spirit bombs like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Lion-O's THUNDERCATS HO sequence is just as cool as that.
I'm not sure if "being Batman" helped that series. The biggest complaint was "THIS IS NOT MY BATMAN". It was drastically different from what we'd come to expect from the franchise, and the corny jokes ticked a lot of fans off. Eh, take it for what it is, and then you can try to enjoy it.
About the BM part. This is where the ship stuff comes in. I guess BM/WW is big. MJ made BM look bad while he did WW/ST. Is he doing this stuff to write a story or is doing it for other reasons. I am not a DC fan, I am Marvel fan. So I am not so well clued in on DC stuff.

I think some series should just leave out the romance.

You knew Goku was the greatest in the group. He always powered up. Even though Goku's fights might take 50 episodes, it was better than lion-o's one hit battles. This is where I have problem with the series beside the writing. I never got the feeling lion-o was like the OS (powerful). He just seemed like a regular joe that was forced into being a king. The SoO and the Spirit Stone are what saves him. IMO, he has not improved.

I just feel without the SoO and SS, he is nothing. In his fights with mummra, they are one shot defeats. Same with Rata-o.

I think kids like more from their heros. You knew lion-o was the hero in the OS, this one is different.

I don't understand why they wouldn't try animating super Heroines. I enjoy the animes with heroines being the lead.

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