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Originally Posted by Joe Moore View Post
WB has already announced their TV panels for SDCC and Thundercats is not one of them.
No panel, but any word on a booth or display?
I wasn't expecting a panel anyway. Did they even do one last year?

Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
Of course not. Even if the show is going to continue, season 2 isn't in production yet. What would they talk about in a panel if they haven't started anything?
If the VAs are to be believed, it's in production. Outsourced animation like how the new show is done tend to have a different perspective on orders than your typical toon though. Either that, or they were waiting to the very last minute to dub in the last 2 episodes from the first batch of 26.

It just doesn't make any sense to cancel the show though with all the merchandising starting to come out now. It does happen on occasion, but normally with at least a game, the idea is to hit while the property is hot with kids. Otherwise the title won't move at all. So either we'll see that game canceled (which would be a very bad sign for the show), or the show will be back. Ditto could be said about the bedsheets, but those sometimes do come after a show ends on occasion. I'm just kind of surprised they didn't go classic with that then instead if that were the case, or something else more artsy.

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