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Fire when ready!

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LOL...this is indeed a good joke...^_^

(especially the second image)
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Cheetara, Pumyra, and WillyKit were sitting at a table enjoying lunch and chatting about the fact each female was pregnant.

WilyKit remarked that she had read an ancient Thunderian text detailing that the position in which the child was conceived would dictate the gender.

"Well, if that's true," beamed Pumyra, "Then I'll be having a little girl since we conceived while I was in "cowgirl."

Wilykit squealed and said she would be having a little boy since conception was missionary position.

More and more, Cheetara looked uneasy until she burst into tears, crying hysterically.

"What's the matter?" questioned her friends.

Between sobs, Cheetara shouts "I'M HAVING PUPPIES!"
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Originally Posted by FreakinZoid View Post
Cheetara shouts "I'M HAVING PUPPIES!"
it's a bit corny, but it's funny...simple but hilarious...i like this one...
so, the conclusion is...*barf*barf* style is her favorite afterall...^^
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When Mumm-ra is changing into his Ever Living form, he's actually injecting his bony hide with Barry McGwire's Super Happy Fun Time Anger Go Go Juice.

Of course Lion-O had this seething anger of betrayal about Cheetara choosing Tygra. She's a cheetah and they cheat.

So Lion-O locked Slyde, Atticus, and Kaynar in a cell together and they played a game where the first one to bend over loses. Slyde lost and couldn't sit for a week.

Lion-O: I'm am the Lord of the Thundercats.
Mumm-ra: *Looks around.* What Thundercats?
Lion-O: Those Thundercats. *Points to the group.*
Mumm-ra: That band of misfits. *Laughs* Sure, what ever makes you sleep at night. Hey, you can go out into the desert and build yourself a sand castle. *Laughs* Maybe you'll be able to draw more subjects than 3 adults, 2 kids, and a ghost that shows up whenever it gets bored being dead. Now if you excuse me, I have to go deal with a doctor who's been shorting me on my supply of Barry McGwire's Super Happy Fun Time Anger Go Go Juice.

I ran the whole Panthro trial in my head and put Panthro more like Principal Lewis from American Dad.

After Lion-O fails to push Panthro out of the circle.
Panthro: Come on think, how do you get me out of the circle.
Lion-O: I am your King, and I order you to leave the circle.
Panthro: *Spits off to the side.* You're King of nothing but ruins. Try again.
Lion-O: Will you please leave the circle?
Panthro: *Roars* What are you, pussycat now? Keep it up and I'll pounce your sorry tail.
Lion-O: *angry* Don't you call me that?
Panthro: What are you going to do, *long slow down* pussycat?
Lion-O: If you don't shut up and get out this circle, I swear by the Ancient Spirits of Evil that I will *bleeping* cut you with the Sword of Omens!!
Panthro: *Laughs and leaves the circle.*
Lion-O: Huh?
Panthro: There you go. A king must not just take charge, he needs to be the Alpha and lay it down if his subordinates step out of line.
Lion-O: Cool.

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