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Thunder Kitty
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Are there such things as repro parts and weapons for the classic figures?? I'd love to get me Pantho's chucks. I lost those a long time ago..
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Grune the Destroyer
Thunder Kitty
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I've seen some on ebay, like Pummrya's (sp?) sling, Cheetara's staff, and Tygra's whip. Haven't seen Panthro's chucks yet.

Given what repros have done to other collecting communities, I'd prefer they didn't become a common thing with Thundercats. Let's face it, with the exception of Pummrya and Ben Gali, most accessories aren't massively rare. They may cost more money than you're willing to pay for a piece of 25 year old plastic, but that's DEMAND driving those prices, not rarity. Demand and genuine rarity are different.
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Joe Moore
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I definitely see them here and there. But I also see a ton of loose Thundercats accessories at nearly every toy show I go to. Once our community, and the show popularity, grows, I'm sure we'll have people doing repro and custom accessories all the time.
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dollman ron
Disabled and handling it.
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I'd like to find some originasl or even repos of the Mini Snowman ans Snowmeow spear and boulders. It'd make mine complete.
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