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Joe Moore
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Thundercats Pop Vinyl Figures Images
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Thunderian Commoner
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These are looking pretty sweet. I find it weird that they aren't offering Tygra, but it's great to have new Thundercats merchandise!
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LiarDice Films
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Yeah surely Snarf should have been an extra thought with Tygra superseding it
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Hopefully they'll do a second wave with Tygra, the Kits, and either Jaga or mummy mumm-ra. My fiancé collects pops, so we're definitely getting these.
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not really a fan.
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Thunder Kitty
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ive never been terribly into these funko toys but anything is better than nothing right now
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It's nice to see something new on the horizon for Thundercats, even if it is just some vinyl figures. I've expressed interest in these kinds of figures before, but have yet to buy any of them. Maybe these and the Star Trek ones will finally get me to buy one or two of them. Hopefully there is another wave on the way, as it would be nice to see Tygra, Wilykit, Wilykat, Mummu Mumm-Ra, Pumyra, Lynx-O, Bengali, and Ma-Mutt.... Ok, maybe another two waves... lol
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