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Kustom Kreator
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The sword comes slightly warped due to Bandai "weaving" into the packaging. I have tried to straighten it by leaving some weight on the blade portion which seemed like a only a temporary fix, I gave Lion-O an action pose with the sword and now the sword has conformed to the pose. Why did they have to use such flimsy plastic for such an important item????!!!!.

Is any one else having issues with it? The weight I used wasn't much, just an empty plastic box (baby wipes) on a flat surface with the hilt hanging over the edge of the table.

I fear the only way to solve this will be to cast the blade with a stronger plastic. However the blade is frustrated.
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Thunder Kitty
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Here try this fix and see if it works. All you need is a hair dryer and a cup of ice cold water. Take to sword and let the hot air heat is up untill its really soft dont put the dryer up close to it you wouldn't want to melt the sword. After you've let it get soft try and get it as straight as you can and then put it in the water right away. Thats all it takes. I've done this with the 6" Lion-O sword and it does work but the "plastic" they used is not the best. You'll have to do this again from time to time but don't worry it doesn't hurt the sword in the long run. Hope this helps!
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