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Walked into a TRU today just for the hell of it to see what they had left and if the clearance prices had dropped any.

To my surprise there was a Tyger Flyer along with a Lizard Cannon. It was marked at 10.98 clearance price. I was really amazed as I didn't think TRU had gotten any shipments with the Tyger Flyers.

Anyways I go up to the register and when the lady scans it she says "huh, it's not in our system..." She checks online and I told her I didn't think it would be on the TRU website. It wasn't. She then said if it wasn't in the system they couldn't sell it to me. I said "well, if it isn't in your system how did it get on your shelf?". She called the manager and he had them scan the barcode for the Lizard Cannon and sold it to me as one of those.

Anyone else on here find a Tyger Flyer at a TRU???

*Note I now have 3 of these and will most likely put 1 - 2 up for trade. I will post up in the trade forums.

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Same happened to me a few months ago. My theory was since the flyer was in Wave 2, it wasnt even put in the system cause they knew by then the line was dead OR werent even updated that there was new product. Just my own opinion based off Bandai's stupidity.
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this has happened to me with transformers before, either they werent suppose to get it so it wasnt put in the system or it just hasent been updated yet. Since the toyline is dead and most TRUs didnt get wave two im going to go with they got it by accident.
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