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((I will hopefully have images to post later if my camera will cooperate later.))

I have second 6" Mumm-Ra I purchased for doing a wing job on once I have
all my parts in. In doing some prep work on the figure I have learned the
following technical features for this figure.

>> His waist is actually a ball joint:
It's hindered by the skirt components and is seated very deeply into the
waist area of the two piece thorax.

>> The figure has utilized a version of "Polycaps":
There are friction shims in the joint receivers for his neck, waist and
shoulders. These shims are the same plastic as his sheild and other
flexible parts.

>> The Claw-Sheild could have the ability to swap out the Claw assembly:
The claw assembly part of the sheild is glued on to a hard plastic peg
that resembles a keyhole. This peg has a groove that runs completely around
about haveway down it's depth. The claw plate has a ridge that interfaces
with said to groove to give a tight fit. This would require a separate
underplate with the claws retracted to be included.

((And the one you've been patiently waiting for.....))
>> He should have had wings on his back.
The two soft plastic filler plugs(#) fit and are glued into sockets
tha have a small flange receiver at their respective north and
south ends. The filler plugs have these little flanges that would
be more than easy enough to pry out if they had not been glued.
the depth of these receivers are significant and would have been
certainly strong enough to hold up a pair of wings of decent size.
Hopefully in the future there will be a "mega wing" version of
"The Ever Living" made available to the public.

(#) Strangely enough in his concept art master he has the very
same shapes drawn on his back:

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