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Thunder Kitty
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Dunno if you have noticed but the new 2011 series is full of movie references or inspiration, which is awesome. To mention a few...

  • The quest, and the way it is represented reminds me a lot of Lord of The Rings.

- Jaga in the first episode reminds me of Gandalf. He defends the cats by staying behind and stopping the enemies from crossing the bridge while using his staff. So did Gandalf did with the demon as he shouted: "You SHALL not pass!!".

- The Ents (Trees) in LOTR and the Elephants in thundercats. They are both slow in action, it requires too much time and meditation for them to make a decision, they have not fought in years and been inactive in war and suddenly decide to fight. Also, the way Wily Kit was sitting on the elephant's arm while it walked (in episode 13) reminds me of Merry or Pippin, who also sat on the Tree's arm/branch while it walked and the war was just beggining.

- The quest is full of sidequests and mystical places where they learn new things and meet new species and a diversity of terrain and environments.

There are many other things about LOTR but im not gonna extend myself, I'll leave it to you..

  • There is another reference I've seen a few times, the movie 300. Last episode, #13 "between brothers" reminded me of the "THIS IS SPARTA" part of the movie, when Tygra kicked Lion-o into the hole.

- Tygra in the 3rd episode while in the ship he shouted "This is Madness!!" lol... to name a few.

I also have seen patterns, and certain elements in the quest that remind me of Star Wars, Zelda, LOTR, to name a few...

If you have seen more movie or video game representations or references in the series, please feel free to add them and discuss.

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Thunder Kitty
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Well... The first chapter has some elements from the book The Iliad (Song of Ilion or Song of Ilium), or if you prefer, the movie of Troy... ┬┐Remember that lizards hiding in the thundranium?

And, The third episode, Ramlak Rising is like the book Moby Dick...

Sorry for my writting, I'm from Mexico, and i can read English easily, but writting it is a little difficult for me xD
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The writers did say they were writing the show as the classic heroes journey.
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