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Gold Lion
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Vocal version:

For the one year anniversary of this series, I wanted to do something special. This is something I've wanted to make since the show began. With the season done and after finding a good editing program, I finally had the means to create my own fan intro that recaptures the feel of the classic intro while adding some of my own touches. I've done a lot more for this than what I usually do with videos I make, including some masking and color correction.

I also wanted to make this to help with getting the word out about the movement to save the ThunderCats and the petition. So it would really help if this video could get spread around, maybe to show to people who haven't seen the series yet. I think it works as a trailer for the first season.
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VERY nice. you picked some great clips to use. I like it!
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Very cool! Of all the fanmade intros I've seen, these are easily the best! Excellent job!
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That would have helped the new series a lot. Having no starting theme song intro really hurt the new series. Well done!
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Love It, Epic!
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