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Thunder Kitty
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4 Inch Basic Series 1:
Lion-O (CN Logo)
Panthro (CN Logo)
Mumm-ra (CN Logo)
Tygra (CN Logo Short Whip)
Tygra (w/o Logo Short Whip)
Tygra (w/o Logo Long Whip)
Cheetara (CN Logo)
Cheetara (w/o Logo)
Wilykat (CN Logo)
Wilykit (CN Logo)

4 Inch Deluxe Series 1:
Mumm-ra (CN Logo)
Grune (w/o Logo Mumm-ra Emblem)

6 Inch Series 1:
Lion-O (CN Logo)
Mumm-Ra (w/o Logo)
Panthro (w/o Logo)

8 Inch Series 1:
Lion-O (w/o Name)
Tygra (w/o Name)

Deluxe Vehicle Series 1:
Thundertank (w/o Logo)

Deluxe Playset:
Tower Of Omens (CN Logo/Old Box)

Deluxe Roleplay:
Sword Of Omens (w/o Logo)

4 Inch Reg Vehicle Series 2:

6 Inch Classic Series 1:
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I'm rather excited about my latest haul =o) It hasn't arrived yet, but I will be sure and post pictures when it does! I picked up some Bandai prototypes! I got:

6" Tigra
4" Cheetara
4" Panthro
4" Grune
4" Lion-O

When they arrive, I will post pictures of them as well as side-by-side comparisons of them and the retail figures =o)

*EDIT* Just got them!

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