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Thunder Mau
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ok, now this is a bit on the odd side, but the other night I was watching Gargoyles and it was the Grief Episode where guy tries using Anubis to get his son back. well, the incantation he used sounded so much like the one Mum-ra uses to change into the 'ever-living' form.

Emir, the guy summoning Anubis, even goes onto to saying 'In the names of Osiris, Isis, and Set, let spirit of Anubis flow into this vessal' which does sound a lot like Mum-ra's quote to changing forms. not to mention if you look at what the ancient Spirits took the forms of pretty much those gods since those gods along with Anubis are responsible for death and therefore, evil(well, not really, but that's how a lot would view it).

anyhow, just a funny thought I had while watching the ep and hearing Emir's incantation
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Thunder Kitty
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Is there a fan-fiction section to this site? I'd really like to write a fanfic telling the origins of the ASOE.
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