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You don't stand a chance
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Ok it may be just me but I've noticed that the classic thundercats that bandai produced are rapidly outselling the 2011 cats on ebay...
They hit an all time low for a whole when there was an abundance , but recently they seem to be picking up in sales .... (Yes I spend half my life scowering ebay lol)
Call me weird or god forbid a dreaded future scalper but I stocked up on these when they were all on sale and now have 4 pairs of 8 inch liono and tygra moc with 2 of each box variant.... And also two pairs of the 6 inch liono and mumm ra ... Together with my favourite the stgcc red liono ... (Love this figure even though its a repaint in a different box lol ) oh and of course I have the sdcc liono but I'm really not as keen on that one , but its worth having.

I just have a gut feeling that these bandai classics are gonna be fairly highly sought after in years to come when the stock eventually dryes up .... I know they are far from perfect , but I think they are still darn nice little figures in their own way and I will still be happy regardless of whether they ever become desirable (after all who wouldn't want a liono and tygra army in their display cabinets lol) ...... I made a tough call and have been selling my 2011 cats as I realised that the whole reason I love thundercats is for the classic characters , hence why from now on I will only be collecting ljn's , mezcos and anymore bandai classics if they decide to do any more as a gesture to us loyalists lol ... Plus I've developed a rather expensive addiction to transformers mps ...

Anyways we can never predict the future I guess , but if there ever is a bandai classics shortage ... You all know I will be the man to see lol
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Thats an interesting theory and although I only have one each of the classic line I would be happy to see nice demand for them in the future.
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I saw a bunch of these guys for 5.99 at a store called Fallas before Christmas, I got one of each and thought if they lasted beyond the christmas bills I'd get a couple more. I was happy to see them gone from most of the stores so it looks like they were able to sell through their stock pretty quickly. I still see the same Avatar the last airbender and Jonah Hex figs still on the pegs and that makes me laugh every time I see them.
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