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Transformers 4 has been confirmed to hit theaters in June on the 27th or 29th of 2014. Mixhael Bay has confirmed that he will direct it as his last and he promised that it will NOT be a reboot which is good because there are more autobot and decepticon characters for everyone to see in the films thus confirming that the 4th film will be a sequel to Dark of the Moon.

For proof, here is the first promo image of the movie right below

Now here are the best human cast members to see in the film

*Johnny Whitworth as the main human Protagonist of the film

*Emmanuelle Chriqui

*Tyrese Gibson as Robert Epps

*Jeremy Renner

*Ray Park

*Scarlett Johansson

*Anne Hathaway

*Christian Bale

*Tom Hardy

*Paula Patton

*Joseph Gordon-Levitt

*Timothy Olyphant

*Bruce Willis

Now with Transformers 4 rumored to be last, these are the voice actors, autobots and decepticons that would fit best


For the Autobots that will appear in this film, we want them to be voiced by the best talented voice actors in LA. From Shows like Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Transformers Prime. Here they are:

*Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime; leader of the autobots

*Leonard Nimoy voices Sentinel Prime; former leader and reformed autobot

*Colleen O'Shaughnessey voices Override; Optimus Prime's female second in command who cares for him and is also the autobot leader’s love interest.

*Peter Renaday voices Ultra Magnus; leader of a group of autobots who escaped the Ark before it crashed onto the moon and guarded a hidden air field in the south eastern part of the USA that the aerielbots reside on. Now he is back and ready to help Optimus fight the decepticons once again.

*James Remar voices Sideswipe

*Brian Bloom voices Trailbreaker; a black chevrolete avelanche and brother of the late Ironhide

*Chris Cox voices Hound


*Robert Foxworth voices Ratchet

*Sunstreaker; an autobot killed by Skyquake at the beginning of the film.

*Neil Ross voices Kup

*Sumalle Montano voices Moonracer

*Bruce Greenwood voices Springer

*Phil LaMarr voices Windcharger; second in command in Ultra Magnus' group of autobots

*Jeffrey Combs voices Powerglide

*Aerielbots; a special group of autobots that Ultra Magnus and his crew were defending in the Little Rock Airfield. They all together combine into Superion.

**James Avery voices Silverbolt; the leader of the Aerielbots

**James Horan voices Fireflight



**Sky Shadow; the silent member of the aerielbots who is also a ninja

*Michael Clarke Duncan voices Omega Supreme; a massive autobot who transforms into the Ark itself

and finally the decepticons

*Lance Henriksen voices Skyquake; the main villain in the film and leader of a hidden legion of Decepticons called the Predators, who takes charge at leading the decepticons to victory by having them wipe out all human military forces claiming that they're the reason their race is dying out. As Skyquake now transforms into a B-1 Bomber jet and posesses the power of the allspark, he will stop at nothing until the decepticons are rid of all human military resistance and ensures the survival of the cybertronian race.

*Steven Jay Blum voices Blitzwing; a decepticon triplechanger who turns into an F-35 jet and a tank. Blitzwing hid in the mountains with the other elite members of the decepticon army awaiting orders from Skyquake. He is much of a war monger who is always looking for enemies to kill in battle.

*Robin Atkin Downes voices Cyclonus; an elite member of the decepticons who is skilled in combat in ways of sword fighting and shooting. After the decepticons enslaved the humans who discovered the Ark, he and the rest of Skyquake's forces took refuge in the mountains of Montana until Skyquake returned as leader and carried out his orders by helping other decepticons take out every satillite in Earth's orbit to keep N.E.S.T. from tracking their position and turn every military vehicle in the bases they attack into lethal killing machines called the Combaticons.

**Kim Mai Guest voices Ratbat; Cyclonus' pet bat and partner. Ratbat is originally a minion of Soundwave but because the decepticon was killed by Bumblebee in Dark of the Moon, the decepticon will act as Cyclonus’ minion.

*Brad Garrett voices Octane; an arrogant decepticon triple changer who enjoys battling his enemies as well as having to draw them out by attacking innocent people in order to do so.

*Miguel Ferrer voices Scourge; an elite member of the decepticons who assists Skyquake in the final battle.

*John Dimaggio also voices Dirge

*Mark Rolston voices Thrust

*Combaticons; drones created by the decepticons using energon they extracted from the allspark fragments they found and shot into many military vehicles to help terminate every soldier in the bases they are in. Together 6 of them combine into Bruticus voiced by Fred Tatasciore

*Kevin Grevioux voices Onslaught


*Nick Chinlund voices Vortex

*Fred Tatasciore voices Blast Off

*Rick D. Wasserman voices Treadshot

*Trypticon; a huge decepticon tyrannosaurus rex that is disguised as the decepticon's hidden mountain base in the border between Montana and Canada. He is the source of Sentinel Prime's betrayal to the autobots and N.E.S.T.. Skyquake plans on using the pillars to transport this mechanical monstrosity to the Pentagon's location in Washington D.C. and destroy it.

Well see what happens when 2013 approaches
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