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With Iron Man 4 on the horizon of being confirmed for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it's only a matter of time until Kevin Feige confirms the storyline and the villain for the film so we gotta make sure he uses one of each that is awesome enough for everyone to be thrilled by and the villains and storyline that he must use are right here in this article.

If Marvel Studios does not reboot Iron Man and purposely wants to continue, then this is the cast the producers must use for the fourth film. Also it is to invove the return of the Mandarin(Trevor Slattery) and how he aquires the cosmic power rings from Fin Fang Foom and becomes the exact new leader of the Ten Rings. This film will be based on the Dragon Seed Storyline from the Iron Man comics and will also feature a certain amount of modern warefare

Now for the main cast recommended for the film

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man;

A self-described genius, billionaire playboy, philanthropist who retires from being Iron Man in Iron Man 3 but due to his return in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony now resumes his life as the armored Avenger and now he faces off against new threats.

Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery/The Mandarin;

Formerly a bankrupted actor, Trevor Slattery had been locked up for posing as a terrorist without knowing that he was set up by Aldrich Killian, the real villain from Iron Man 3. Now after being freed by Ghost and the Ten Rings, Trevor aquires the 10 power rings from Fin Fang Foom and uses them to lead the terrorist into war against AIM for framing them for the Extremis suicide bombings and to reclaim his former wealth and glory, even if he has to make a deal with the dragon. And if Kevin Feige is to call Ben Kingsley back to reprise his role as Trevor, he should make Kingsley's version of the Mandarin in Iron Man 4 "Frankenstein's Monster" based like Michael Fassbender's Magneto from X-Men First Class. Oh and to make him look more exclusive, he should armor him up as well.

Gweneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts/Rescue;

As Tony Stark's assistant and girlfriend, Pepper will be back to help him out with her brand new Rescue Armor after being abducted by Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3

Don Cheadle as Col. James Rhodes/Iron Patriot;

Colonel and friend of Tony Stark who uses the Mark 2 armor as Iron Patriot Armor for his own needs of serving his country

Clancy Brown as the voice of Fin Fang Foom; the main villain of the film

Fin Fang Foom is an alien makulan dragon who is most known for being Iron Man's biggest enemy. Often associated with the Mandarin, Fin Fang Foom and his kind created the 10 power rings that the Mandarin took from his ship and uses them for his own deeds. Foom would also have more of his kind scattered across the earth disguised as humans that are businessman, crime lords, senators, workers, and maybe even henchmen

Anyway, once Fin Fang Foom is confirmed, he will be defeated by Iron Man and the dragon himself will be voiced by Clancy Brown

Michael Shannon as The Ghost;

For his outstanding performance as the relentless General Zod, Michael Shannon would do an excellent performance as the steal master mercenary villain who would be hired by the ten rings to break Mandarin out of jail and the two join forces with the terrorists against AIM and Iron Man

Faran Tahir as Raza;

The leader of the Ten Rings. Raza will return and hires Ghost to free Trevor Slattery from prison who in return joins forces with the terrorist as the Mandarin. Raza and the new Mandarin team up to lead the ten rings against AIM to make them pay for their boss Aldrich framing them with their symbol and for using them for his dirty work and if he is still alive and if Aldrich was really his boss, Raza will be the one to explain everything on how an American madman could possibly be the leader of the Afghanistanian terrorists as well as what their negotiations were exactly.

Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan;

Ty Simpkins as Harley;

Avenger Cameos

So if you want Kevin Feige to do the following for the fourth film:

Bring Ben Kingsley back as the Mandarin and to make sure the MCU's version Aldrich Killian doesn't complicate things, the Trevor Slattery version of the character should be expressed in a "Frankenstein's Monster" like way similar to Magneto from X-Men First Class.

Bring back the Ten Rings and Raza so we know what happened to them

Faran Tahir to reprise his role as Raza so that he can reveal Aldrich Killian's affiliation with him and his clan especially to Trevor once Ghost arrives with the actor in the Ten Rings territory in Afghanistan

Have Ghost break the Mandarin out of prison and bring him over to the Ten Rings in Afghanistan

Have Kingsley's character aquire the 10 alien rings from Fin Fang Foom and forge out a deal between the two characters

Have Trevor Slattery with the 10 cosmic rings become the new Mandarin of the Ten Rings and lead them into battle with AIM

Have Tony give Pepper her new Rescue armor and teach her how to use it

As the new Mandarin, Tevor uses the rings to guide his new followers straight over to his mansion in Miami and starts using it as a new base of operations for the Ten Rings to plan out their battle plans against AIM

One epic battle between Mandarin (Trevor) and Iron Man (Tony) sometime during the middle of the movie

Have Trevor Slattery wear black armor as the new Mandarin

Iron Man, Rescue, and Iron Patriot raiding a few AIM facilities taking out some of the terrorists that have seized control of the areas

Have Mandarin use the rings to revert Fin Fang Foom's human disguised dragon brothers back to their true form before Foom starts double crossing the terrorists

Iron Man and Mandarin teaming up against the Makulan Dragons invading Earth with Iron Patriot and Rescue battling fleets of them as well

Iron Man and Mandarin combining their powers to defeat Fin Fang Foom and the dragons

One Avenger or Nick Fury to cameo at the end

So if you want Kevin Feige to use this Information for either Iron Man 4 or the next possible films, HURRY UP AND INFORM HIM RIGHT AWAY WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!

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