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  • There is to be NO GOOD OR BAD SELLER LISTS. This is not the place for that.
  • This forum is designed to allow you to post direct links to ebay for items, or sellers, that you think are noteworthy in a positive light.
  • You may post links to your items on ebay.
  • You may "bump" your thread once a day for the duration of your items. Try to update with the time left in the auctions.
  • You may "bump" your thread twice on the last day of the auction. We suggest once earlier in the day, and once with an hour or so left.
  • You may post links to items that are not yours on ebay, but you think the community should see and talk about because they are a good deal, a rare item, or you are suprised at the price (over/under).
  • You may post links to items and ask if you think it is a good deal.
  • If you see an item that is a fake, or being advertised falsely, you may start a thread and note it.
  • You MAY NOT discuss the sellers who are selling the items in question in any form or fashion. Do not comment on how they are a good or bad person, if they have done this before, or state that you will, or someone should, report them to ebay.
  • If you are reporting an item as a fake or advertised falsely, then do not use this forum to rally up the fans against that auction or seller. Report it to ebay immediately through the proper channels. Just do it, do not say you did or comment on the fact you did it here.
  • Staff reserves the right to close any "alert" based threads immediately. Again, the point of them is not to discuss alerts, just to inform so others don't bid on a potentially dangerous transaction.
  • There is to be NO discussion on the quality of sellers on ebay at all.
  • Speculation about users using alt names on ebay is not to be discussed here in any form, whether you had a personal experience or not, whether it was good or not.
  • Never post personal home addresses to a seller or buyer that you have from a personal transaction with them in public.
  • Never ask other users for personal home addresses to a seller or buyer that you have from a personal transaction with them in public.

These rules may be adjusted or added to at any time as the staff sees fit with no warning.

Staff may take or not take action which goes against these rules on a case by case basis if they see fit.
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