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Wanted a junker vintage Thundertank.

Make offers on the bots pictured below. Will have two tables set up at NJCC. I have over 12 bins that I'm bringing.

Quick update on bots below, $2.00-$15.00 each. Pm me if you interested.

Cybertron Thundercracker with Cyberkey and Universe Whirl are sold

Pm offers and lets deal. Prices are not set in stone. Pm with any questons or offers. Packages for the most part will be sent priority mail with delivery confirmtion. If you prefer a cheaper shipping method that's fine. Payment by paypal or money order only. Check my feedback below and deal with confidence. If we dealt before remind me, will try and hook you up. Thanks!!!!!

Generation One

Computron five Technobots missing right fist some parts $55.00 SOLD
Scourge body only no parts yellowing $5.00
Pointblank (Targetmaster) with (Peacemaker) $25.00
Sureshot (Targetmaster) good conditon $15.00
Quickmix (Targetmaster) loose c8 $5.00
Scoop (Targetmaster) loose c8 $5.00
Needlenose (Targetmaster) loose c6 $5.00
Mindwipe (Headmaster)complete great condition $80.00 ON HOLD
Quickswitch (Sixchanger) with one gun one wing on head is broken off $25.00
Waverider (Pretender) shell only $5.00
Sky High (Pretender) shell only paint wear $3.00
Gunrunner (Pretender) bot with gun $10.00
Skyhopper (Mircomaster) base only, no parts $5.00
Skids c8 condition with shoulder cannon and two guns $35.00
Bluestreak with main gun, red cannons and two missiles(broken roof but present) $20.00
Trailbreaker c6 condition no parts chrome and sticker wear $6.00
Drag Strip (Stunticon) with cannon $15.00
Blades (Protectobot) missing half tail fin $4.00
Hoist c8 condition, no parts $5.00
Skalor (Seacon) c9 condition loose complete $15.00
Slugfest complete c8 conditon $15.00
Steeljaw one chrome weapon/wing $10.00
Kickback (Insecticon) some light chrome wear on wings good stickers $5.00
Bombshell (Insecticon) very loose, chrome wear $2.00
Scrapnel (Insecticon) junker, broken left arm, chrome wear free

Japan Takara

Sky Garry boxed complete stickers applied $175.00 SOLD
Metrotitan loose body only with Metroplex fists ON HOLD
Goryu Dinoking Shell only (no cover) Japan Takara 1989 $30.00


Universe Megatron loose great shape $30.00
Universe Cliffjumper loose great shape missing jet ski $45.00
Universe Sideswipe MOSC $35.00 SOLD
Universe Smokescreen MOSC $35.00 SOLD
Universe Silverstreak MOSC $35.00 SOLD
Silverbolt c9.5 loose with gun works $20.00
Reveal the Shield Tracks MOSC $12.00 SOLD
Reveal the Shield Jazz MOSC $12.00 SOLD
Generations Dirge MISB $12.00 TRADED
Generations Wheeljack MOSC $12.00
Generations Thundercracker MOSC $12.00


Soundwave c10 conditon loose complete $15.00
Scattorshot loose complete $5.00
Brakedown loose complete with instructions $6.00
Megatron (dino) loose complete with instructions $10.00
Brimstone loose $5.00
Dirtboss loose complete with instructions $7.00
Undermine complete with instructions $4.00
Thundercracker loose with instructions $6.00
Snarl complete $10.00 ON HOLD
Runamuck complete with instructions $5.00


Shockwave complete $40.00 ON HOLD
Prowl complete $7.00
Starscream complete $10.00
Hotshot complete (redeco) $7.00
Towline complete $7.00
Energon File Cards lot $25.00


Smokescreen complete with minicon $5.00
Demolisher complete with minicon $5.00
Cyclonus complete with minicon $5.00
Red Alert complete with minicon $10.00
Minicons sets $5.00 each

Beast Wars

Beast Wars II Ikard & Tako Tank $200.00
Beast Wars Cheetor (green eyes) $15.00
Beast Wars Galvatron 2 complete $20.00
Transmetal Dinobot $5.00


Brawl loose complete/instructions $5.00 Rollbar loose complete/instructions $5.00
Dead End Loose complete/instructions $5.00 Longhaul loose complete $20.00

DC Universe

DC Universe Powergirl MOC $15.00
DC Universe Azrael Batman Wave 16 MOSC $20.00
DC Universe Batman Sinestro Corps MOSC $20.00
DC Universe Cyclotron Wave 13 MOSC $15.00
DC Universe Desaad 10.00 SOLD
DC Universe Eclipso $10.00
DC Universe Martian Manhunter $10.00 SOLD
DC Universe Green Lantern with CNC part $12.00
DC Universe Jonah Hex Wave 16 no Bane part $10.00
DC Universe The Riddle Wave 16 no Bane part $10.00 SOLD
DC Universe Mercy Wave 16 no Bane part $10.00
DC Universe The Creeper Wave 16 no Bane part $10.00
DC Universe CNC Bane loose complete mint $50.00
DC Direct loose Vixen c9 $30.00
DC Superman black outfit $8.00 SOLD
DC Joker figure complete $15.00
DC Darkseid $15.00
DC Martain Manhunter $8.00 SOLD

Marvel Legends

House of M Hulk loose $5.00 SOLD
The Thing loose $5.00


Gijoe Ram Cycle vs Cobra Flight Pod $20.00

Anime Stuff

Robotech Matchbox lot of 4 $50.00
Konami Gurren Lagann MIB $45.00
Macross Klan Klang MISB $20.00
Getter 1 Full Mantle MIB $75.00
Yamato Bumbblegum Crisis Moto Slave with Priss and Sylia $125.00
Appleseed Ex Machina Snap Kit figures all five figures times 2 and Landmate $100.00
Devil Man MIB figure (metal figure) $15.00

I have a few graded by Beckett and PSA that I'm looking to sell.

1996 Topps Chrome Allen Iverson Graded(PSA) 9 Mint
2004-2005 Allen Iverson Skybox Rare Form Game Worn Patch Card
2005 Dwight Howard Authentic Signatures
2003-2004 Topps Chrome Carmelo Anthony Graded(Beckett) 9 Mint
2002-2003 Topps Chrome Yao Ming Graded(Beckett) 9 Mint
2005-2006 Unitimate Collection Carmelo Anthony Game Jersey Patch
2003-2004 Vince Carter Skybox Autograph

Plus I have a few other autographed cards I will post later. Pm me if your interested.

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