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Thundercats: Hall of Omens - Episode 5 "Black Magic" Preview !!! Scene 1 !!!

Sorry it has been a while since we have posted anything new but finding the time to complete everything has been hard. But here is a preview to the next episode, Thundercats: Hall of Omens - Black Magic. Hope to have the episode completed today. but we are focussing back on the series and look back to see more episodes SOON!!!!

Scene 1

Buddha accelerated the Scavenger to full speed in the direction of the Hall of Omens, it would not be long before he and Bengali would arrive to the only thing left in the once great kingdom of Thundera. In his lap was an Thunderian artifact that he could not have found at a better time - the Legendary Thunderscope. The Thunderscope was created in the ancient times when the Ancient Founders, settled upon the planet that than became known as Thundera. The Thunderscope can be used to find objects of Thunderian decent. It can also be used to find Thunderians. The Thunderscope could be the key to finding all of the lost Treasure of Thundera as well as bringing the Cats scattered across Third Earth back home; Back to Thundera.

Buddha could not wait to get back to the Hall of Omens and see if the Thunderscope actually worked. It was centuries old. He did not expect it to but he also had not expected anything that has happened recently in his life, to happen. He figured there was as good a chance as any.

"Are you sure that is the Thunderscope", Bengali questioned while holding on to the rear handle.

"I'd bet my staff on it", Buddha replied. He was confident this was the Thunderscope he had read about in the scrolls deep within the Halls of the Hall of Omens. This item was never displayed for the public, so he had never seen it with his own eyes but this was it.

Bengali laughed to himself at Buddha's confident reply. Bengali knew it was finally time. It was time to explain to Buddha about the location of the Star of Thundera and how it became one with the Hammer of Thundera, giving it the power that it has today.

Bengali then told Buddha the story of the Star of Thundera becoming one with the Hammer of Thundera and being passed down to each "Blacksmith", which can be found in ***Thundercats: Hall of Omens Episode 3 - Rampagers -

"Well Bengali, you are not quite what I was expecting when I set out to find the the Star of Thundera", Buddha said jokingly.

"And you are not what I thought a Thundercat would be", Bengali replied laughing.

"I'm not a Thundercat" Buddha replied annoyed about being compared to the Cats that turned their backs on and walked out of Thundera, leaving it to burn.

Just then, on the horizon, the Hall of Omens crossed into sight. This would be the first time a Thunderian Mason has entered the Hall of Omens, since they departed Thundera. The Masons kept watch of over the happenings of Thundera, but from afar. This would also be the first time the Hammer of Thundera would be back to its first creation on Third Earth, the heart of Thundera, the Hall of Omens. This day would prove to be a historic day for Thundera and the Thundercats.

"How familiar are you with the Hall of Omens" Bengali asked Buddha, while looking at the Hall.

"More familiar than most" Buddha replied.

"What about its history" Bengali asked further.

"Again, more than most. Why what do you want to know" Buddha replied.

"Just curious" Bengali replied with a grin on his face.

"Hold on!!!" Buddha yelled back and accelerated the Scavenger.

The Hall of Omens was in sight and Buddha wanted to get there as soon as possible. So he pushed the Scavenger to it maximum speed. As they approached Thundera, Buddha slowed down to a safer speed. While the Scavenger is maneuverable, even it will have problems getting through Thundera. The once great city is in shambles. It is a shell of what it once was. It was hard for both Buddha and Bengali to not get emotional making this drive. A slew of emotions came over the both of them. Sadness, anger, but the most important one, determination. Both wanted to see Thundera back to its full potential. Thriving with life and reaching the greatness that Thundera is supposed to be and to stop the monster that could do this to a city filled with life.

Buddha pulled up to the Hall of Omens and jumped out, eager to get the Thunderscope back in the Hall of Omens and to search for any information he could find on it in what's left if the books and scrolls.

"Hold on a moment, friend" Bengali said.

"What, why?" Buddha questioned. "Are you stuck? You just have to let go of the handle" Buddha replied.

Bengali walked ahead of Buddha and reached for the Hammer of Thundera. Bengali then began to lift the Hammer in the air and it gave off a bright blue glow. The Hammer was thriving with energy. The ground began to shake and a great noise filled the air. The noises were coming from within the Hall of Omens. The eyes of the Hall of Omens began to glow. Buddha stood puzzled and in awe of whatever was going on. Gripping the Thunderscope, just in case things turned for the worse. Buddha hated to think that way, but he had been turned on before and he could never be too careful.

The tremors and the noises stopped. Everything was calm was again and Bengali lowered the Hammer.

Bengali then looked at Buddha and said , "You are not as familiar with the history of the Hall of Omens as you think. There is much I need to show you."

"How about you tell me what all that was about before we go anywhere" Buddha replied.

Bengali answered, "Abridged story. When Tygris designed the Hall of Omens, he and the Blacksmith worked together to make it that ALL Cats were needed for the full power of the Hall of Omens could be accessed. When the Tigers where never allowed back in Thundera and the Masons left, the power of the Hammer of Thundera "locked" the access to the great technologies and power that was incorporated into the Hall of Omens design. It did so, by completely rearranging the interior design and leaving absolutely no trace of its existence. I just "unlocked" the door. I must begin to show you how to use the greatest Thundercat technology there ever was, the Thunder-lynx."

End of Scene.
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