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Check Out the news!
ThunderCats 2011 Cartoon Animation News
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Pretty interesting! Thank you for the report!

Hopefully, more news about voice-actors will be announced soon!

I've got very high hopes for the new series; between the reports, and the previews, it looks like much care and attention have been placed into its development. I hope that it will be as excellent as the original!
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Sounds promising.

I like the shield/glove armor idea.
Mummra's not surprising since his cape always did act as batwings in OG toon, great to see them given life as that now instead of just suggested as before.

I'm really hoping that they'll bring an updated Pumyra into the fold eventually too. The cheetara update looks amazing, and a I love the split weapon idea for dual melee, but we need another grown female thundercat to really round them out more too.
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