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just a sneak peak at my upcoming crossover fic that will pop up on this week. enjoy

Disclaimer: ThunderCats (2011 series) and Avatar: the Last Airbender are both owned by their respective creators. I own nothing but the occasional OC and the basic plot line. Takes place post-series Avatar The Last Airbender, and shortly after ep 16 of ThunderCats…

Katara: Truth Loyalty Honor Justice

Cheetara: Water Earth Fire Air

Katara: generations ago, rebelled slaves of the alien monster Mumm Ra crashed upon our world.

Cheetara: The Avatar, after saving them from certain death, aided them in setting up settlements on the unpopulated continent on the opposite side of Third Earth from the Four Nations.

Katara: Something happened generations ago that caused a great separation between the animal races and the Four Nations.

Cheetara: Knowledge of each other faded within history.

Katara: Until now…

ThunderCats/AVATAR: The Last Airbender

Book 1 Chapter 1: Worlds Apart

The ship trembled violently as heat became visible in the air. “Great work, Leo,” Tygus snapped angry at the red-maned lion. “At least under Mumm-Ra’s leadership we were allowed to live! You’ve doomed us all!”

Panthera looked between the two awkwardly as Leo frantically pressed buttons and turned switches on the massive triangular warship’s controls.

“It can’t end this way…” He whispered as Panthera placed a worried hand on his armored shoulder.

The tiger snarled and glanced around the terrified former slaves gathered in the command center. “Alright, All Mighty Lord Leo, what now? Can that fancy sword and armor stop us all from burning to a crisp then going splat?”

“If you have nothing more productive to say, I suggest you remain silent,” Panthera snarled, the tall panther glaring down at the tiger.

“What’s going on?” A lizard hissed pointing out through the window. Leo, Tygus and Panthera all looked up to see every cloud on the planet drawing together and spiraling, centering exactly where the ship was falling.

Leo’s eyes went to the sword resting in his claw shield, with the war stone’s slit eye glowing. He drew it and as if on instinct brought it to his face. “What?” Panthera asked but stopped when she saw the guard slide down then curved around his eyes, which were glowing the same eerie white as the war stone’s ‘eye’.

Leo’s eyes seemed to zoom down into the spiraling cloud, he could see the air pushing upward against the ship, slowing it down, and in the epicenter was a tall, bald, bearded human with glowing eyes and arrow-like tattoos making elegant moves while standing on a flying, great white beast.

“We’re going to be ok…” Leo said, replacing his sword. “It’s all going to be fine…” He took a deep breath and looked into the reflection in the glass. “You’re going to be fine… Lion O…”

Lion O’s eyes snapped open and he started to sit up only to find a weight on his chest. He looked down to see a red and purple wad of fur in his face. He smiled softly, since his death and resurrection, Wilykit had became rather attached to him, this wasn’t the first time he’d woken to find her curled against his side.

He carefully slide out of his sleeping bag and used his to tuck the kitten in for added warmth. He glanced around the camp site. Panthro’s snores filled the air and he could see Kat kicking in his sleep, mumbling about gold. Lion O shook his head and looked at the starlit sky. It was still several hours before daylight, be a good time to focus his attention on the Sword, on his Sight beyond Sight.

He took a few steps away from Kit’s sleeping form when movement in the bushes caught his attention and his hand went for the Sword of Omens and claw. Cheetara and Tygra silently reentered the campsite, Cheetara adjusting her clothing and messed-up hair, while Tygra simply carried his chest plate armor over his shoulder. Their eyes widened when they saw Lion O awake. Both looked away; not able to look the young king in the eye.

“Probably wouldn’t hurt to sleep in,” Lion O whispered as he walked up to them then started past. “I’m going to go work with the Sword. I won’t be long.”

Lion O started to walk on when Tygra grabbed his arm. “Let me come watch your back,” Tygra whispered, concern edged in his eyes.

“I’m not going to go far, Tygra, and besides, there’s not a cliff anywhere nearby,” Lion O smirked. The joke fell flat. “Its fine, Tygra, I can take care of myself, and you have a mate to cuddle.”

“If you’re not back by sun up I’ll track you down and kick your tail back to camp, Lion O,” Tygra warned.

“Fair enough,” Lion O gave a tight smile and nodded, going on leaving the couple in awkward silence.

(more to come!)
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