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Thunder Kitty
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Hi everybody!

An interview with Kevin Kliesch, the composer for the music of the new Thundercats series, was posted yesterday.

Among the highlights of information:

A live flutist plays all of Wily Kit's flute music.

Each episode's music is composed from scratch, exact sequences are not repeated, only charactes' personal themes are reused.

He is aware that fans are upset about the lack of a full intro; that was the decision of the producers, who wanted the original two minute intro, compressed into ten seconds.

Music is written around 5 episodes in adavance of what we as fans are watching on air.

A release of the score seems to be a certainty!

Here's a link!

Page 1:Composer interview: Kevin Kliesch breathes new life into THUNDERCATS - National Soundtracks |

Page 2:Kevin Kliesch interview Part 2: A new THUNDERCATS series for a new generation - National Soundtracks |
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Pravus Prime
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Originally Posted by Icespark View Post
A release of the score seems to be a certainty!
Good news, it would be a crime not to get some of these themes. Petalars and Mumm-Ra's in particular.
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Thunder Kitty
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I am glad that the new producers of the new Thundercats tv series has not chosen to make a theme song for the new Thundercats. I am glad it is preserved for its originalty for the original thundercats cartoon from the 80s.
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