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Lightning streaks across a dark Third-Earth sky. The four obelisks of Mumm-Ras Pyramid crackle in unison. Within the ancient tomb, the eyes of the four statues begin to glow fire coal red. The cauldrons boil hastens as the casket lid slowly slides open with an eerie glow.
"I am here Ancient Spirits, what would you command of your loyal servant?"
Mumm-Ra inquired.
Four dark voices respond in unison, "If you cannot destroy the Thundercats, then you must distract them. Their are champions of good in other realms, in worlds where our servants have proved just as impotent as you."
"But evil ones, I.."
"Silence! Do not presume to tell us what we know as fact to be false."
"In another dimension, there are warriors of good who have the power to defeat Lion-O. We will transport him to their world. Use your cunning and powers of deception to make him their enemy."
"And who are these warriors? and how might I manipulate them?" Mumm-Ra inquires.
The cauldron water boils and plumes of purple steam rise up creating a vision of another world, another dimension. Five figures stand within the visage.
" You will orchestrate a battle between Lion-O and a team of do-gooders known as "The Teen Titans". End of Pt 1.
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