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Because of the twist on the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and because Shane Black's retarded speculation on calling Aldrich Killian the MCU Mandarin when he did NOT wear 10 rings or use and magic rings like the character does in the comics and the past shows, everything that was building up to this point such as the Ten Rings is now out of place because there is NO WAY Killian is the leader of Afghanistinian terrorist because he is american it's because of Guy Pearce, Kevin Feige, and whoever else was responsible coming up with this stupid idea of screwing up the character's appearance over some stupid idea from the Dark Knight trilogy instead of just doing the character properly as shown from the comics, they have ruined everything all because of their retarded opinion about the character's depiction from the comics and careless excuses for ripping us off.

But in spite of their stupid people using people as masks expressions, there is still a chance to counter this damn twist because Ben Kingsley's character Trevor Slattery (the officially portrayed Mandarin) is still alive as he was last seen being arrested for the extremis suicide bombings that Killian framed him for and this would give Kingsley's character the more proper modivation on becoming the villain we all know very well in the comics so if anyone still wants to see what the blasts from the Mandarin's rings are like in the movie, contact Joss Whedon RIGHT AWAY on twitter or any other way, tell him to cast Ben Kingsley in Avengers 2 as the Mandarin in case he plans to use the Masters of Evil, tell him to make sure that his character uses real magic rings this time, put him in charge of leading the Masters of Evil into battle with the Avengers, have Thanos give Trevor the rings to evolve him into the Mandarin, and if he asks how or gives any no I cant excuses, tell him to bring Kingsley back as Mandarin in a "Frankenstein's Monster" like by expressing how one's own created demon can become a great threat if brought into reality. That would also give RDJ's Tony Stark to return to the Avengers as Iron Man in person and not by remote controlling his armor. Trust me it will save us a lot of time and trouble having to wait an uncertain amount of years for a reboot, or we are gonna have to tell Kevin Feige to bring Kingsley back as the Mandarin for Iron Man 4 if it happens as a direct sequel to Iron Man 3, tell him to base the whole movie on the "Dragon Seed" storyline of the Iron Man comics so that Kingsley's character can get the rings from Fin Fang Foom. Trust me, after waiting 5 years for the Mandarin to debut in the films since Iron Man 1, we deserved better than what Feige ripped us off with So get to it right away when you can

and if anyone has a facebook account and has a major problem with the twist then

Rally to my campaign page on Facebook simply by clicking this link below

After all, Mandarin is one of the best super villains in the Marvel Comics because each of his rings has a variety of powers, projections, and abilities which makes him a Master Class villain, which is exactly why we can't allow Marvel to change and violate his appearance in the MCU over money and stupid and careless excuses about him. Trust me a Mandarin that is not done right in the MCU as he usually does in the comics does not make him an official Mandarin at all because of all the years the character has existed as Iron Man's arch nemisis, twisting his appearance over excuses, extremis, and ideas feeling like expressing does not make the MCU any right at all. So hurry up, rally to the campaign page on Facebook and we can discuss how to get through to Marvel Studios on fixing the Mandarin rightly as done from the books.
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