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After the outcome of Iron Man 3, some fans were amazed by the battle at the end but not with the twist on the Mandarin's identity and depiction. It ruined the entire Iron Man franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Kevin Feige is refusing to end Iron Man with three films and is attempting to do a fourth film as a direct sequel then he better bring in the one major Iron Man villain that involves having Ben Kingsley's character evolved into the properly cosmic ring powered Mandarin or at least major enough to help us get over the damn twist they screwed up the character with in Iron Man 3 and that will be the next challenge for the armored avenger to take on;

Fin Fang Foom

Yeah that's right, Fin Fang Foom is definately the best villain that Marvel Studios should use for Iron Man 4 because Iron Man, War Machine/Iron Patriot and Pepper took on terrorists, robots, armored villains Iron Monger and Whiplash, as well as Firebrand/Aldrich Killian and his extremis enhanced AIM soldiers as well as normal level thugs and bodyguards, it's time that Marvel movie makers bring out the big guns from the comics which should be Iron Man's biggest challenge yet; the Makulan Dragons!

With Iron Man, Iron Patriot and Rescue teaming up against a pack and perhaps legion of alien dragons, the battle in this movie will be REAL AWESOME! Therefore Iron Man 4's plot is to be based loosely on te Dragon Seed Saga of the Iron Man comics

Of course they aren't just going to use only Foom and his fellow dragons for the film. They are also gonna need other villains from the Iron Man comics that should be able to fit into the film which in case they are

*The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery)

*The Ghost

*The Ten Rings

*AIM (What ever members are left that did not participate in the climatic battle in Iron Man 3 but no MODOK)

To keep the plot of the movie busy in a reality adapted basis Ben Kingsley is needed to return as the Mandarin (even if it means to ignore the Aldrich Killian interpretation), so his character will aquire the 10 cosmic alien rings from Fin Fang Foom after having the Ten Rings bust him out of prison with the Ghost's help and allying with the ex actor himself as his new and more official followers and to make the rings adapt into the film, Trevor (as the new Mandarin) would use those rings to help him regain his wealth and manipulate people into forgetting the bombings from Iron Man 3 as well as using them to lead the Ten Rings against the organization that played them for fools; AIM. Then after Foom crosses Trevor in their deal, the Mandarin and Iron Man should then team to defeat the dragons the same way they did in the comics.

Otherwise Feige and his team are gonna have to improvise without the Mandarin because it's bad enough for them to screw up Iron Man's arch enemy by not doing him properly as shown from the comics and cartoons over their stupid excuses on racism as well as their careless intents on focusing on reality and money. And they are not to take advantage of the fourth film by making Robert Downey Jr or the actor doing Tony Stark not wear any Iron Man armor or by making the film so Smallville related because that would make the film totally suck.

There are more important things in life that Feige and Marvel Studios should be concerned with other reality, money or what they want. The thing they should focus on is giving the people including the fans what they want for the film and not go taking advantage of that oppertunity like they did on Mandarin. Sometimes it's best to use characters like Fin Fang Foom and make sure they are done properly than ditching it over intents on keeping it in reality. So if they are to make the fourth film better than the third, they are going to have to make Iron Man 4 more fictional that reality because money does not always give you happiness. Believe me its best for them to use Fin Fang Foom and the dragons than to waste the film with more crappy ideas. Plus Fin Fang Foom should be acceptable in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because he and his race of alien dragons are also villains that don't wear armor and he has not appeared in the franchise just yet and just because of things like dragon statues, tattoes or Aldrich Killian's firebreath reference him, they don't count because Foom is an alien dragon and its best not to waste characters like him over stuff like that either so he is to be Iron Man 4's main villain

And if Fin Fang Foom appears in Iron Man 4, Clancy Brown should be the actor to voice him in the cinematic film for his voice to be deep and bold enough to hear.
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