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Thunder Kitty
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When thinking back on the original LJN toys, people notice the rare and possibly valuable toys like Astral Moat Monster, Tongue-a-Saurus, and Mad Bubbler.

For the LJN figures, what made them so rare? Did they not produce as many?

Now my question is, for the 2011 Figures and Vehicles, what do you think will be the rarest? Anything we have seen so far? I'm thinking Grune for sure. Any others?
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Well to be fair, Mad Bubbler was never officially made. Some figures were rarer because it was the end of the line and collectors/kids werent still with the product or moved on to other things by then, so not as many were in circulation.

Nothing of current is a true hot item in terms of rare. I mean some things are "hard to get" but not in the sence that it cant be obtained without a ton of money. Only 3 things stick out to me.

Claudus - 1 per case and not many distributed
Storm Charger - Easily the hardest item to find
Grune with Thundercats logo - A very very rare variant.
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Thunderian Commoner
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I have a hard time picturing any of them becoming truly rare. Well, outside of the few miss-marked Grune's out there.

I think Grune and the Deluxe Mumm-Ra might be the hardest to get in the future, but even they probably won't be considered "rare". I myself only saw the Mumm-Ra once in-stores, and never did see Grune (though they were apparently easy to find in other areas).

If anything, any prototypes for any unproduced figures will be considered rare in the future. Much like the Mad Bubbler and other unproduced figures from the original are now. Though that's assuming we actually find-out about any unproduced figures, and that any prototypes for them make it onto the market.
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Fist Pounder
Thunder Kitty
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I disagree about the storm charger and claudius. Im pretty sure these items will be fairly easy to find when wave 3 comes out.

Wave 1 of Dealers gets new stuff sells to wave 1 of collectors
Wave 2 of collectors the ones who only buy retail get theres
Wave 3 less diligent collectors get there's.

But at the end of the day there is enough to go around if you are patient.
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Thunder Kitty
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I also have a feeling that Tygra with a short whip on the non cartoon network card will be rare.
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Grune the Destroyer
Thunder Kitty
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When collecting, "rarity" is only half the equation if you're thinking about value. I can tell you some things which are INCREDIBLY rare, and yet most people wouldn't give them a second glance.

The other half of the equation? DESIRABILITY.

Desirability alone can drive up a price (example: Star Wars. There's an old vintage figure called Yak Face. Do a search for him on ebay; there are always loads. Yet years of being told he's rare and people seeing him as a vital piece of their collection makes him desirable, so the price is always comparatively high).

Desirability+rarity = very high price.

Rarity alone... so what if there's only X limited number out there? If nobody wants 'em, they can just rot.

To return on-topic then, will any of the latest T-Cats stuff be "rare"? None of the figures, I'm almost certain; perhaps the Grune with a differeny symbol, or the "short whip" Tygra... but these are technically variants.

How many people in the future will want to collect such variants (esp. as they are "unofficial" variants)? Or will most people just want a Tygra, and a Grune, for their collection. How many people will want all such variants on the figures?

I think it's too soon to say at the mo. I will say I find it wonderfull refreshing that all of these figures are plentiful and easily available in shops. I know some collectors frown on this, moaning that they're all "peg-warming". I just call it good distribution, which is what it should be for a kids toy range.
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Thunderian Commoner
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maybe not rare...but Grune is difficult to find in retail. I have only seen him 3 times. bought one, left the rest. thats about all.....maybe Claudis, but I dont think all the stock has shipped yet. I have one, but havnt seen him at a retail yet. but yeah, I dont forsee any of the modern cats being rare. Just some are hard to find in a physical store.
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Thunder Kitty
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Well, I suppose time is a factor too. As years go by some are lost, or destroyed, or played with too rough. And when a 10 year old today turns 30 in 2032, they might be trying to reclaim a piece of their childhood like we do with the LJN toys.
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Thunder Kitty
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yeah grune was hard 2 find
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