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Thunder Kitty
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I'm a bit odd in that I prefer pictoral reviews to the vast majority of video reviews. It's not that I don't appreciate a well-done video review, just that if I'm browsing on my phone, I don't want to be eating too much of my data limits, and sometimes it's nice to just look at pics with some music of your choice on. So put on some tunes and chill with the still (pictures)

Incidently, these pics aren't as good as I'd like. For some reason shooting toys is hard for me. But I'll get better with time.


The sculpt is superb. I've never seen the SDCC version in hand, but I did own the old Lion-O from the 80's and this is faaaaar superior. He looks extremely similar to the cartoon. I actually don't like the muscle wash on the SDCC, so this one's a bit of a winner with me. The paint on the face does seem to vary including the positioning of the eyes, so make sure you get a good one as some of the ones I saw looked a bit derpy.

The articulation does everything you really need. Ball joins on everything and I always love a foot rocker. He can pull off a lot of great poses. Including 'The HO'

I've intentionally not fixed the sword. It was bendy like this in the packaging. I have since held it in steam and it's pretty much straight now, but for the review, I wanted to leave it as is.

On the subject of accessories. Lion-O has;
Sword of Omens
Mini Sword of Omens
Claw Gauntlet
2 spare hands (open or clenched for sword on right, and an open hand for left if you don'w want him wearing the gauntlet)
A hooky thing to mount the Gauntlet on his belt

Everything looks great. Particularly the gauntlet which is a nice gold, and although it might not show in the pic, the tips of the claws are painted silver. The hands are a little tricky to swap as they are extremely tight and I've been concerned about bending the plastic on the hands while swapping. The right hand will forever stay clenched as it's not worth the hassle changing.

The little doohicky that mounts the gauntlet on the belt seems to like falling off when posing, but once you put the figure down, it's pretty much going to stay on. The mini-sword fits nice and snugly into the gauntlet and doesn't harm articulation more than you'd expect. The wrist swivel is entirely unaffected.

All in all a great figure, and I'm excited to see what's to come in this line.
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Thunder Kitty
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I just love the facesculpt on this guy. It's incredibly show-accurate. The paint apps are great. again like Lion-O some of the eyes aren't done entirely right, and on mine the eyebrows didn't line up with the sculpt, but you really have to be looking for the issue.

The articulation is almost as good as Lion-O He has no ab-crunch, but he does have waist articulation and the legs are as brilliantly articulated as Lion-O's. I actually hope these become the new standard in leg articulation as the range of movement and the poses you can pull off are great. Tygra's head is on a ball-joint, but the way his head is sculpted restricts his up/down movement a far bit.

In terms of accessories, Tygra has:
Bolo Whip (in 2 parts)
a retracted Bolo Whip
open right hand

So much less than Lion-O, but this is expected, and this is everything I'd want Tygra to have.
The decision to put the whip in 2 parts is a good one as it means the whip is articulated with a swivel so it really helps in posing. The retracted one is fairly uninspiring, and pretty much serves for him to hold when he's just chilling.

If there's anywhere to store it on the figure other than the hand, I've not found it.

While Tygra isn't quite as good as Lion-O in terms of accessories and articulation, I think he slightly trumps on sculpt. Both figures look great together, and I can't wait til some more are released......well I can, but that's only because I'm short on cash!

I'd urge anyone on the fence to get them as I was initially sceptical the first time I saw them both in packaging, but in hand, they're so much better.

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