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Hi thundercats fans, i love reading the old thundercats comies from the 80s. #4 was a great story. I still have the comie and i have some question about it. Love the way she capture the kids with that sticky net. The writers should of made tygra and cheetara together while lynxana capture them with the sticky net like in Spaceship Beneath the Sands. First Question is what was in them Mushrooms that Lynxana placed on the thundertank and when Panthro checks it out he comes back to see tygra out like a light. Did the mushrooms knock tygra out while panthro was gone or i was thinking Lynxana used her stun bolts to knock him out.

Another question is When she capture's Cheetara. Lynxana must have known her weakness. I mean Lynxana must have known cheetara was super fast because shes behind a rock and said's help me please. Cheetara runs fast to help her but cheetara runs into sand with its slick as glass. Only to hit her head and is out cold.

Did Lynxana know the thundercats weaknesses? Panthro fears bats, tygra can't swin and Cheetara can maintain top speed only short distances. She is vulnerable to fire, lightning, and energy bolts.
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