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Thunder Kitty
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Hello all,

I am a new viewer of the 2011 series and so far have been quite impressed with the designs for both the settings and characters in the episodes so far(Liono's in particular. Quite Roman gladiator style(especially the suit of armor), ala Russell Crowe in Gladiator).

Just for creative discussion, what types of designs for settings, architecture and characters do you think the producers and art directors should put in subsequent episodes? Should they just take cues from Western fantasy designs and storytelling tropes alone? Or should they expand their design scope to include global cultural influence from all corners of the world?(Not just Japanese designs alone, but could include Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Nepali, African, etc..)

I bring this up because I feel this show has plenty of potential in the artistic department to go the distance and create a rich, multicultural 3rd Earth based on the various international cultures of the real world.

All comments are appreciated. Please, no swearing
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Saint Phe
Thunder Kitty
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IF this new version of Third Earth is the same planet as our Earth, it would be pretty cool to see some real world design influences from all over the world. And even cooler to show some "ancient" structures from our time or our past.
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