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First off, read the general rules of the site here:

This forum is for anything related to Thundercats, which is new in nature to the masses. This includes new toy information, new waves of product, rumors on the live action movie, release dates for the cartoon episodes, and so forth.

If you aren't sure, post away, but don't be mad if a moderator moves or closes the thread after reviewing it. It may be new to you, but seen by regulars already. So in that case, we just close or move the thread, and carry on with our lives .

Anything new will go in here, along with any discussion attached to front page posts. So check here first on your Thundercats rounds!

Here are some general guidelines:

If you have a question please post it in Thundercats General Discussion, not here. Questions are not news.

The only time a photo gallery should be posted in the News & Rumors section is if it's a figure that has not been seen in detail. Photo galleries of released items, belong in Thundercats Toys, Collection Showcase, Feedback and Reviews, etc.

Make sure your title describes the news you are reporting. "Hey check this out" doesn't cut it.

If you are reporting a sighting of a previously unreleased toy please provide photographic proof of the toy with receipt.

Please do not post a new thread every time a different store puts up a pre-order or gets an item in-stock, unless it's the first listing of a toy or of a toy that we haven't seen/heard of before.

Threads made regarding sales at stores (whether brick-and-mortar retail or online stores) are not news unless new information or new items are revealed in the sales posting.

Any images you have to support your news story can be directly attached to your thread in this forum using the Attach Files function below the text field.

Please state the original source of the information. You won't be taken seriously if you don't provide proof.

Don't bump old threads unless you have something important to add.

If you have a question on why a story was put on the front page, please contact the news poster via PM. Do not publically ask why this news was front-paged. Also, please remember that many of our news posters have been doing this for years and know what is news and what isn't news.

Thanks and enjoy your stay at!

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