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Lord of My Thundercats
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This is crazy stupid. 2011 Bandai Classics Thundercats Cartoon Lot 8" 8 inch Lion-O for sale on ebay. If I felt like creating an ebay account I would have left a nasty comment. This person is listing both of these together on ebay for $44.99 + $7.90 for shipping. Walmart has both of thses in stock for $16.97 each. Let's see $52.98 vs $33.94! Plus you're not dealing with not being able to trust the seller. This is just another example of scalpers. I personally think ads like this should be reviewed for stuff like this before it's linked to the Thundercats on Ebay section. We on here are all collectors and I'd like to think we wouldn't screw over anyone else on here. If anyone is in an area that these still aren't available but you have a paypal hit me up. I'll by them for you at the same price I listed for Walmart, as long as you cover the shipping I'll send them to you, I'll even include the original purchase reciept so that you can see I'm doing this just to be nice to our fellow collectors.

Just my thoughts.
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Joe Moore
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Yeah, those are auto generated spaces. There is no "reviewing" them. Also, not everyone can afford to lose money on toy sales like Walmart. Ebay isn't a charity, it isn't cheap and it certainly isn't free.
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