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There may be additional rules specific to each forum in sticky threads at the top of each forum. Please look for those and read them as well.



1. No trolling, or flaming.
Any form of personal insult is a no-no. As a basic rule of thumb: if you think that what you are about to post is insulting, don't post it. No posting with the intent of starting "Drama". If you feel the need to start trouble, go elsewhere.

2. No posting IM or PM conversations.

This is not only a breach of privacy, but it is also incredibly annoying. Most people are not going to want to wade through an IM conversation you had with someone.

3. No harassing board members.

This goes for either in posts on the boards (see rule #1) or in private messages.

4. No Political Discussion at all.
No Jokes, no flash animations, no political signatures, nothing.

5.No links to illegal downloads or copyrighted materials.
This includes MP3's, games, pirated software, movies, full book or full comic scans.

6. No discussion on where to download videogame "Roms".
Talk of the actual emulators is permitted though, as these are fully legal.

7. Selling of pirated software, copied episodes, comics on CD, copied CD's, etc. is not permitted.
Neither is linking to places where these things CAN be bought.

8. No porn.
No links to pornographic sites or content will be allowed whatsoever. This includes nude cartoons (hentai).

9. No discussion on abortion or religion.
As with politics, these topics are guaranteed flamefest generators; as such, debate/discussion on them is not allowed anywhere on here. Holiday cheer threads to express "Merry Christmas," "Happy Easter," etc. are permitted. Within those threads, posts that pursue avenues of religious debate/discussion will be removed.

10. Keep posts in the appropriate forum.
For example, don't post a topic about the toys you bought this morning in General Discussion, that sort of thing.

11. No public questioning/mouthing off at staff.
If you have a problem with a decision a member of staff has made, PM them.

12. No alternate identities.
This is instantly bannable if we catch you.

13. Keep the swearing to a minimum.
A lot of posters here swear a fair bit in real life; however, you never know how old the next person to read your post is going to be. So try to keep the amount of swearing you use in posts to a minimum.

14. No bandwidth theft.
Every time you link to a picture hosted on someone else's site without their permission, you are stealing their bandwidth. If you do this in a signature, and we find it, your signature will be removed on the spot.

15. No posting anything for banned members.

If we find you posting sales, art, messages, etc. for a banned member, for any reason, you will find yourself banned for one week. Do it again, and it will be a permanent ban. No warnings will be given.

16. No posting of "Graphic Images".
Real Life Corpses/dead bodies, mutilated bodies, Graphical depictions of sexual activityor any image which can be considered overly sick or disgusting. Posting of these types of images will result in a one week suspension from the boards.
Anything of a graphic nature that could possible offend members of the community will be reviewed on a per case basis by the site staff. If you have anything of a questionable nature, please review with site staff prior to posting.

17. No personal ads.

We're not a personals board. So no "Any girls wanna go out with me?!" or "Single white male looking for obese elderly honey who's into mud-eating" or stuff like that.

18. No public discussion about rules or administrative action taken on members.
Concerned about the rules? Did we discipline someone? PM us about it. Neither are appropriate topics for public dialogue.

19. No Website or Store Advertising

No posting with the intent of promoting stores/websites. If you wish to advertise on contact an admin.

20.No discussion of illegal/fraudulent activities
No discussion of illegal and/or fraudulent activities (such as exchanging items for a price other than what you paid for it at retail, how to repack an item, etc. Practices like this hurt our community..not to mention our wallets). This kind of discussion has no place on

21. No posting Private/Personal information without permission

This includes, but is not limited to: Facebook/MySpace/Twitter info, real name, address, etc. Your privacy is exactly that, yours.

22. No Spamming
Do not spam existing threads or start threads with the purposes of having a "Spam Thread". Posts meant to throw topics off course will be removed. Repeated violation will result in warning and/or infractions being handed out.


Signature Images

Only ONE picture per signature.

Signature pictures are to be no larger than 40KB in file size.

Sig pics should be no larger than 300 pixels in height and 500 pixels wide. We do not want the images to stretch the pages or take up the entire page. This size rule also applies to text.

If you are curious as to where your current sig pic stands, click your 'right-mouse' button on your picture, and check it's Properties. If still you are not sure, just ask.

Do NOT steal bandwidth from other sites.
Make sure the picture you use is one you host yourself, or that somebody else has uploaded for you.

Although that seems like a lot of rules, most of them boil down to one simple sentence:
Think before you post.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Sincerely, Staff
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