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JTMitchell87 08-03-2011 11:48 AM

Video: Thundercats 2011 Figure Reviews
The new toys are out and I figured I'd make a thread since I'm doing reviews over pretty much most of them.

Link Removed. Staff

I'm adding new videos to it often but I'll update this thread/list whenever I do.

What's up so far!
6 Inch
4 Inch
Deluxe Sword of Omens
Hope you all like them. :)

Joe Moore 08-03-2011 12:03 PM

If you would like to share your video reviews, please embed them here. That's what the forum is for.


JTMitchell87 08-04-2011 02:13 AM

I just didn't want to clutter everything up with a bunch of embedded videos in a single post without knowing for sure it was allowed.

My apologies.

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